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New to MetaMask web?

Head to MetaMask Learn for a straightforward learning experience designed specifically for newcomers to web3. It's completely free, available in multiple languages, and includes useful tools such as simulations to help you find your feet with MetaMask.

For detailed information on specific topics such as blockchain technology, tokens, swaps, Layer 2 networks and the rest, scroll down to "Next Steps".

Alternatively, you could also access each browser's extension store and search for MetaMask. Whatever you prefer!

Configuring your privacy settings

When installing the MetaMask extension, you'll be able to adjust privacy settings one-by-one to ensure the app is set up according to your privacy preferences.

To do this, simply hit the 'Advanced configuration' button in the wallet set-up process. Here you can toggle/configure settings including:

  • Phishing detection

  • Incoming transactions

  • Additional token price information from third-party sources

  • The default RPC provider

  • Token autodetect

  • Batch account requests

  • Custom IPFS gateway.

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